Sequim Chiropractic & Wellness
Providing exceptional care for a vibrant life
About Our Office
Have questions about chiropractic or our office? Please browse our page, call the office, or stop in and say hello. We look forward to serving you.
We are here to assist your journey towards better health. Whether that means helping you recover from an injury, managing symptoms of pain, or simply supporting you in feeling your best everyday. Your total wellness is our focus.
Drs. Timothy Card, DC and Lyndsay Mishko, DC are trained in a variety of techniques to best meet your needs:
  • Atlas Orthogonal
  • Activator Instrument Adjusting
  • Pelvic Blocking for the SI Joint
  • Impulse Instrument Adjusting
  • Gentle Manual Adjustments
  • Flexion/Traction Therapy
  • Manual Muscle Release
  • Webster Technique
Drs. Tim and Lyndsay provide personal and thorough treatment for the entire family. They place an emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship, taking the time to learn about each patient and what their hopes and goals for treatment are. 

Beyond excellent chiropracitc treatment, the doctors also offer soft tissue therapy, exercise instruction, nutritional advice, and more!
Unwind your body, enhance your mood, and calm your mind through the relaxing and therapeutic effects of massage therapy.
Experience the many benefits yourself and let the expert hands of our therapists guide you towards better health.
Wellness Supplies
We offer a variety of lifestyle aides to assist in your wellness journey, these include:
- High Quality Supplements
- Cold Laser Therapy
- Orthopedic Pillows (for all ages)
- Foam Rollers
- Kinesiotape
- Sombra Warm Therapy
- Cervical Support Rolls